SCOUT Military Discounts Screen ShotNew SCOUT Military Discounts App Offers Opportunity to Connect With Service Members

Anyone that has started a small business knows that marketing budgets can be slim and to survive your first few years you need to be creative.  Many businesses that are owned by military spouses turn to social media to create opportunities to share their story. Others set up Etsy sites or even use door hangers and flyers to help spread the word.  Many offer specials and market specifically to the military community, but there is a daily struggle to reach their intended audience. We wanted to help military business owners expand their reach to a much larger audience. Our new mobile app offers free exposure for those businesses that offer a discount to service members.


Explore over 100,000 Military Discounts

This week, SCOUT Military Discounts LLC launched SCOUT, the most comprehensive military savings mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. The new, free mobile app is designed to provide veterans, military members and their families a way to easily access military discounts and freebies from anywhere, at any time from their mobile phone or other mobile devices. One of the features of the app is a listing of all the Veterans Day deals including thousands of locations for free meals on Nov 11th.

SCOUT delivers a way for members of the military to search from over 113,000 military discounts, Veterans Day freebies and special promotions. It’s location based, so it uses your phone’s GPS to populate the military discount results within a 40 mile radius. SCOUT also contains useful information for service members including USO Center locations.

Advertising Opportunity for Business Owners

For businesses owned by military spouses, SCOUT gives an opportunity to advertise military discounts to service members at no cost. With more than 20 million veterans, 14 million active soldiers, and 15 million individuals who are married to someone serving, businesses now have the potential to reach this large consumer audience as the SCOUT app gains in popularity and use among these group members.

“Our mission is simple,” said Cody McGraw, Founder of SCOUT Military Discounts. “We want to find every available military discount and make them easily accessible to the military community. This commendable group of people has been searching for a resource that lets them know if there is a discount before driving to the store. They can now do this right from their phone.”

The SCOUT app is available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play. Use the search term “SCOUT Military” to find the app for download. For more information about SCOUT, the app’s purpose and ways to get involved, visit

Article written by SCOUT Military Discounts