Get Inspired By Fellow Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

To own a business or even consider starting one means taking a leap into the unfamiliar territory of self-employment on top of the daily responsibilities of your military family. It takes self-motivation and personal courage. If you are already on the road to being your own boss then you may have found there is no ready guide to accompany you on this adventure. At the dinner table, your normally supportive military partner may utter ’Huh?’ in response to your latest business question.

As a military spouse business owner you face a double dip of challenges; military lifestyle and business responsibilities. Sometimes in that back bedroom office it can be L-O-N-E-L-Y. No one outside of your mother, spouse or best friend may have said an encouraging word to you. As your spouse receives ribbons and awards for achievement, you may yearn to hear an occasional, “You are great’’.

Your desire to start a business is most likely a combination of several positive and negative motivational factors; individual, lifestyle, financial and even emotional. You may already have a talent, particular training or a technical skill. As an individual you may enjoy risk taking (after all, didn’t you pick a spouse in the military?) or you may desire to be home with your children while working.

It could be you figured out that military lifestyle mobility often translates into job and career challenges. In your time as a military spouse, perhaps you have moved and lost a good job, been delayed in finding a replacement job because you didn’t know where to start in a new location or did not get a job because a potential employer thought you would be moving shortly (and the truth is you did). Were you determined to keep a professional career alive and found the only way you could do that was on your own as a consultant or contractor?

No doubt, you always need extra money for monthly household expenses or you simply want to build family financial security with a contribution to savings, your children’s college fund or a retirement investment. Your desire to make your life better financially, regardless of where the military sends you, may have put you on the path to business ownership.

The tipping point might have been emotional. Somewhere in your not too distant past, you may have found yourself crying over the PCS-move-smashed item, wondering who in the new neighborhood might be available to be your best friend by Wednesday. You felt you had swallowed “isolation” and “frustration” with a few morsels of “anger” for flavor and it was going to take a while to get out of your system. To your credit, you turned off the hypnotizing sounds of daytime TV, and spit out those negative thoughts because you had an “idea”. This time, you decided it was going to be different – you would take responsibility for your future happiness and this idea could help you do that.

As your idea grew, it went with you through each move and stayed by your side during each deployment. It made your computer growl, woke you up in the middle of the night with deadlines and caused regular visits to the office supply store; it is your Military Spouse Business. Along with the challenges, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Be it part-time, full-time; profitable or not; complicated or simple; it’s yours!

How do you grow your business properly; how do you get recognition, support, attention and encouragement? Military Spouse, meet Military Spouse Business Academy, an organization that can help you start or grow your business.

MSBAcademy will help you with the tangibles of financial and business resources and the intangibles of motivation, encouragement, support and recognition. No more going it alone, you will be able to connect with some of the estimated 50,000 military spouses who have full-time or part-time businesses and have some fun along the way. At MSBAcademy, we will tell you, “You are great”.

We want you to join us even if you don’t have your own business (not yet anyway) to get inspired by some motivated military spouses. At MSBAcademy, you can locate other military spouses who do what you do, used to do, want to do or will do and we can encourage you to be Can Do.

Ready to accept your mission? Then join us! We look forward to seeing you around.