Welcome Lauren!

Join us in Welcoming Lauren Welch to the Board!

Lauren Welch, AFC is a Marine Corps spouse, mother and business owner/entrepreneur of Thrive Financial Counseling, LLC.

Lauren has always had a love for managing money and helping others do the same.  In the past 8 years, Lauren and her husband have facilitated Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University half a dozen […]

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50 Observations You Should Be Making

My mother used to tell me, “Be alert, the world needs more lerts.”
In business, that couldn’t be truer. But how do you “be alert” effectively?

I actually learned a pretty cool method for being alert and studying bible passages from my pastor. He said, “If you want to study the bible, make observations about the passages.”

I suggest you study your business in the same manner. And you can apply this to any aspect or department of your business that you want.


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SCOUT Military Discounts

New SCOUT Military Discounts App Offers Opportunity to Connect With Service Members

Anyone that has started a small business knows that marketing budgets can be slim and to survive your first few years you need to be creative.  Many businesses that are owned by military spouses turn to social media to create opportunities to share their story. Others set up Etsy sites or even use door hangers and flyers to help spread the word.  Many offer specials and market specifically to the military community, but there is a daily struggle to reach their intended audience. We wanted to help military business owners expand their reach to a much larger audience. Our new mobile app offers free exposure for those businesses that offer a discount to service members.



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Embracing Entrepreneurship: One Start-up’s Story

Written by Tammy Mason, Owner of Momma’s Best Homemade

They say there’s no “right time” to start a business. I started mine as a mom, full-time college student, and military spouse. There were a million reasons not to do it. But in the end, passion won out. I knew what I wanted to be doing, and I decided I’d work out the logistics as I went. 

It’s been a wild and crazy trip, with highs, lows, and a lot of late nights … but I don’t for one moment regret it. And while being a military spouse certainly brings its own set of challenges to the table, it’s also drawn me into an amazing and supportive community, one I’m proud to be a part of. MSBA has been really helpful!

But let’s go back to the beginning…


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How to know when the answer is: “Get a Partner”

Form an idea, find a partner, sell your widgets and make money. If it were just that easy, right?

Years ago, I found myself looking to grow a business to the next level. I was doing well, but thought I had plateaued.

When I was courted by a potential partner, I thought I had found the answer to my problems. How could it go wrong? I had existing customers, cash flow and now new blood to bring even more customers to the table.

Without giving all the gory details…let’s just say I wish I had followed some of my own advice.

So what do you do when you find yourself in a position that you think you need a partner? Well the answer lies in WHY you think you need a partner.


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Welcome Lakesha!

Join us in Welcoming Lakesha Cole to the Board!

Lakesha has been a member of MSBA since 2010 and is the 2014 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year®. 

As a business woman, entrepreneur, mother and Marine Corps spouse, Lakesha Cole serves as an indispensable resource in assisting women and military spouses with starting, surviving and succeeding […]

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2nd Annual Red, White & Blue Awards

Nomindations are NOW OPEN for the 2nd Red, White & Blue Awards!


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A Goldfish Swimming With the Whales – An Adventure at the INC 500 | 5000 Conference

By Veronica Jorden, Red, White & Blue Pages & First Page Last Page

When it comes to the world of business, I’m a goldfish. I’m not the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. I’ve never built a business so grand that a competitor makes an offer to buy. Yes, when you consider size and bottom line, I […]

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Entrepreneurship: How to succeed from the start

By Jake Weatherly, SheerID

Believe it or not your role as a military spouse has molded you into a prime candidate for entrepreneurial success. Think about it. Have you ever managed to make a paycheck go that extra mile? Have you ever handled school, kids and your spouse’s deployment all at the same time? The list could go on. My point is whether you are the wife of a sailor or husband of Marine, your time as a military spouse has taught you budgeting, organization, stress management and numerous other traits required of a small business owner.


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Cliches That are Holding You Back

by Don Purdum

Could it be that you don’t have the marriage or business you want because you got the one you deserved? What we get in life is many times a reflection of what we put into our minds which will determine the opportunities we take, the choices that we make, and the decisions we […]

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