Many reports and studies show women to be more emphatic managers by nature. Yet, many women have to quit their corporate careers or take sabbaticals for marriage, child birth or raising kids. If you too are a homemaker and still have professional aspirations, you can think about running a business from home. There are several options from which you can take your pick depending on your know-how of a particular product/service. Apart from appropriate knowledge in the chosen filed, you should have a strong desire to make a mark and be willing to weather the rough days and challenges that crop up to ensure your venture is a success. To help you shortlist a business, we bring you seven affordable ideas that are easy and fun to do:

Blogger/Content Writer

If you have a way with words and can weave them into strong, crisp pieces, blogging or content writing could be the ideal business for you. There are several online platforms where you can find paid gigs for blogging, which could vary from writing a recipe or cooking tips to blogging on pets, travel, interior décor and health and nutrition, among others. You can also set up your own blog and put up advertisements there, from which you can make significant revenue provided you build a steady traffic to your blog. You may even explore the field of content writing where you can find a lot of variety. From writing articles and blogs on a wide variety of topics to creating promotional and marketing content for flyers and banners, catchy slogans, web pages, newsletters and whitepapers, you will have a lot to take your pick from.

Handcraft Items

Handcrafted items have their own unique charm that machine-made goods produced by the bulk would hardly match. If you are good at creating attractive crafts like candles, jewelry with pearls and faux stones, embroidery items, or artworks on wood or glass, you can make and sell them – either from home or via an online store. Once demand picks up and your items are in demand throughout the year (which could be common with candles, embroidery items or jewelry), you can set up a small scale production unit and hire people to help you with various stages of production and marketing to expand your business.


If you have a kid or two at home and you love being around the little ones, opening a daycare center where you take care of other people’s children in addition to your own could be a good idea. Since you already have experience caring for children and know what works and what doesn’t, you can manage the tiny tots well while being around your own kids and earning handsome revenue at the same time. However, there are a few things to remember before venturing onto this business. First of all, know about your state’s licensing regulations and make sure your home complies with the rules regarding daycares. You should also check your area zoning requirements and your HOA’s rules, if any. It’s advisable to let your neighbors know you are going to open a daycare center so that they don’t complain about children playing and making noises or frequent comings-and-goings of parents to drop and pick up their kids. Else, your city or county may act on their complaints and ask you to close the venture.

Start your Consultancy

Even when you are on a sabbatical or have quit your job, your technical skills don’t cease to exist. You can leverage those skills and your expert knowledge about a specific industry or business to offer consultancy services for a fee. You may either set up a home office or offer your services online. Such consultancies can vary from personal development trainings to taxation guidance, technical trainings for accounting and marketing, among others.


Most women have a natural flair for cooking. If you too love rustling up a variety of dishes, catering can be a good business idea. This way, you can cook at home while looking after your children. You simply have to hire one or two delivery staff who will deliver the food to your customers. If you plan effectively and have a competent staff, you will need to spend a minimal time out of the house. Since you won’t need to rent a space for cooking, you can save a reasonable amount and make some quick money. You may choose to either restrict yourself to specific dishes (like baked stuff such as cakes and cookies) or opt for elaborate meals (lunch menus or dinners). It’s always better to begin with your core expertise and build up from there as the word about your business spreads around. As you start getting catering orders for office meetings/birthday parties/festive occasions, you can scale things up and may even consider renting a kitchen, along with hiring some more cooks and delivery personnel.

Become a tutor

If you have teaching skills, you can teach either online or offline and make money in the process. Teaching local kids at home could be a good way to start if you are doing this for the first time but if you’re already experienced in imparting lessons, you can teach online and get students from far and wide. Online tutoring these days is no longer limited to children with learning disabilities. Rather, parents today are looking for online tutors who can make learning fun and effective to help their children learn much faster and get ahead in the race. Apart from teaching school and college kids, you can also teach specific skills like a language, an art (playing violin, guitar or sitar), music lessons etc. Just find your strong point and cash on it.

Provide Virtual Assistance

If you have the skills and knowledge to provide clerical and administrative a services to people who need it from a home office, you can work as a virtual assistant (VA). You can find a variety of opportunities for VAs online. Often your client would be hundreds of miles away from you (s/he could be in a different country) and the only modes of communication would be via phone/Skype calls, emails, instant messaging or password-protected web sites. Though you may never meet them, you can still perform several clerical and administrative tasks online such as researching, word processing, replying to emails, scheduling calls, event planning and other office tasks.


Whatever line of business you choose to take up, back it up with a plan and steely determination. Be ready to face the challenges and hiccups bravely but don’t give up on your dream of owning a business and making money from home. After all, you shouldn’t waste your expertise by just sitting at home. So, put your knowledge and experience to good use, draw up a business strategy complemented by a well planned revenue model and make the most of your natural characteristic of being a multi-tasker.

Here’s wishing good luck to you!

Author Bio:

Alex Cutler is a Design Specialist at Absolute Digitizing and has been in the profession for several years. He contributes and helps beginners learn this traditional form of art through his blog.